In Time of War

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These extracts are from Henry (Harry) Collingwood Selby's diary as partly published in "In Time of War" (a collection of materials, including essays, POW camp regulations, etc.) edited by his son, Richard Collingwood-Selby and Gillian Bickley (Proverse Hong Kong, 2013).

The book is available from HK bookshops and can be ordered by them from the distributor, the Chinese University Press. It is also available from

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Proceeded at dawn and steamed to C2 buoy off Aplichau. Went up to Aberdeen later & Rose & party rejoined navy spent night at China F.C. ((China Fleet Club)) Various planes seen over HK during day.

Went up 5.45 and returning 6.30 when single bomber dropped three only bombs abreast of ship but off HK island. Set junk building yard on fire. Put out by 8.30.

Tried to find out news of D. and Mrs Dronit  but could not get in touch with…

Fairly quiet forenoon. Went up at daylight.

Several alerts p.m. 9 planes bombed up behind Mount Kellett and 4 bombs later in [...] and market. Oil store fire got under control.

[Bevis sinking river steamers and block ships.] Went up at 5.45. News from Claire that Day and others OK at Kow. Hosp.

APVs shot up and rammed junks coming from Lamma.

Potato Jones killed. Royal Scots stayed in dugouts at night and were bombed. Indians did…

Very lovely day. V. cold early.

6 planes over early. Bombs fell close astern. Later attack unloaded in El[...] & entrance.

Got orders to go to Deep Water Bay & [flood]. 7.45: Another attack and bombs fell in billet just left! Terrific shindy as going down harbour. Shaving water and coffee all cold!

Found Thracian crumpled bow and took all her ammunition. Later anchored off W. shore of Deep Water Bay. Plane over p.m. dived but no bombs. One plane brought…