Cyril Ramsay JONES (aka "Potato") [c.1910-1981] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Cyril Ramsay JONES (aka "Potato") [c.1910-1981]

Cyril Ramsay
Alias / nickname: 
c.1910-01-12 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Upper Edmonton
Birthplace (country): 
c.1981-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

The commanding officer of the Shing Mun Redoubt at the time of its fall. Commanded, A Coy 2 Royal Scots from the OP. He was trapped in the OP and surrendered.(A platoon-sized contingent of Japanese troops of Should be Captain Jones. the 10th Chutai (Company) led by 2/Lt. Mochizuki captured the Artillery Observation The Japanese most likely gained access from Post by gaining access through an open air trench an open air trench above PB403 and worked spotted. “Captain James(Jones)” and others were taken prisoner.)

(What was his fate afterwards?)

His superiors (Brg. Wallis if I am correct) described him as 'useless', hence the nickname Potato.



Cyril Jones was taken prisoner at the Redoubt and later taken to Fanling. He was reported as walking around the PoW Camp where he was incarcerated wearing a woman’s fur coat - presumably only in winter!

At the end of the war he managed to get repatriated to the U.K. by hitching a ride on board a U.S. submarine, and apparently resumed his journalistic career. (He was not a regular soldier).

According to the American author Gandt, (“Season of Storms”), Jones was to be found in certain pubs in London post-war, somewhat down on his luck. If you bought him a drink he would regale you with tales of how he saved HK during the 1941 battle.

UK Allied Prisoners of War

10 January 1941 Captain Cyril Ramsay Jones Royal Scots 91275

His brother Edward Brereton Jones R.A.S.C  died 15 August 1941 on war service

Cyril Ramsay Jones was born 12 January 1910 in Upper Edmonton  and baptised 27 February 1910 at his father's church.

In 1911, aged 1, he was living in St.James Vicarage in  Upper Edmonton with his parents  Henry Brererton Jones a clergyman (1870 - 1924) and Louise Carlisle Jones nee Ramsay (1875 - 1936) . The vicarage had ten rooms and three live in servants. Both parents were born in Uruguay but were British subjects by parentage.

Marriage 1937 Marylebone London to Agnes M Marr (1908 - 1966) 

1946 Electoral Records He was living at 2 Thurloe Street Kensington London wth his wife Agnes

Death Record Cyril Ramsay Jones born 18 January 1910 died in Chelsea in 1981