Japanese tunnel below Sai Wan Redoubt [c.1944- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Japanese tunnel below Sai Wan Redoubt [c.1944- ]

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c.1944-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Position of the marker is approximate, but it is on the path from the redoubt down to the hairpin bend in the road. The path is shown clearly on the OSM map.

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This tunnel and that of  https://gwulo.com/node/35599   are the same system. Cuts through the whole side of the hill (200-300 meters), I explored it all. Very large system, with this opening to hold potential artillery. In addition, It has a series of features I have never seen before. Seperate tunnels off the main tunnel that lead to large, hollowed out rooms and alocoves. Very interesting.

That's a surprise - good to know. The view into this tunnel looks as though the rock is more solid than the stuff at Jardines Lookout, which collapsed in the large caverns. Were there many collapses in this one?

Yes. So this one is mostly rock. You are correct that there were less "full collapses"  but there is still plenty of debris where the rocks fall from the ceilings and pile up. You can actually see the places where the rocks fell from on the ceilings. So unlike the clay tunnels where a collapse is usually complete, the rock tunnels do seem to stay more intact.

Note- The last times i have been in tunnels this summer, many have been mostly full with water. Especially at Jardines L. where the SW tunnel system's access to the 2nd level is completely flooded. (you can access the second level by bushwaking from the path however). The tunnel on this thread however is somewhat downward sloped, so this problem is not apparent.

- You may also be interested to hear that I did make it through the small opening into the cavern at the SW slope tunnel on Jardines L.   it is another 4 way tunnel junction with one (15 meter) dead end tunnel accessible within the cavern and 2 more possibly accessible. The amount of loose clay piled up in the junction was insane though, and really scared me with the possibility of collapse. Anywho, the point is that there is actually quite a bit still on that 3rd level but I dont think it is safe to access.