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Alec Fleming CHURCHILL [c.1879- ]

Alec Fleming
c.1879-11-30 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

English born. Apparently, he was the (acting )director of public works in HK from 1910-1917, after working for the ceylon civil service for a time. Father of the famous WWII hero Jack Churchill. 

As shown by public records David has added below, he also was involved in the military (the HKDC while in Hong Kong)



Henry Ching writes in with a minor correction about A F Churchill. HKGRO shows he was appointed as the "First Assistant Director of Public Works', rather than as the Director of the PWD. Churchill was acting Director on more than one occasion, when Chatham, the Director, was on leave.

HKGRO also shows Churchill's connection with the army, which was passed on to his son. Mentions include:

Thanks for the info David. I will update the description.  Do you have any indications about his death/later life. Alot is written about his son, but he is covered much more sparcely.



There's quite a bit more about him in The Churchill Chronicles, found on the Deddington History Website.

Marriage 1904 in Sri Lanka  Alec Fleming Churchill to Elinor Elizabeth Bell

1939 Census UK Lower Road Weyland Amersham Bucks

Alec F Churchill born 12 April 1876 in Sri Lanka Colonial Civil  Servant

Elinor E Churchill born 23 May 1873 retired matron nursing service

CWG Register Their son Lieutenant Robert Alec Farquhar Churchill died 12 August 1942

Probate Records 1949

Elinor Elizabeth Churchill wife of Alec Fleming Churchill died 10 October 1948 in St Barts Hospital London

Marriage 11 November 1950 Alec Fleming Churchill to Constance Anna Helen Guendolen Mease

Death Alec Fleming Churchill died  1961 aged 85 in Hove Sussex

Death Constance Anna Guendolen Churchill died 1964 Hove Sussex