Kruse & Co. [????-????]

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A good summary of this company's history comes from Carl T Smith's article "The German Speaking Community in Hong Kong, 1846-1918". Some highlights:

  • It was a tobacconist, founded in 1868 by Johann CarI Kruse (though it appears he was working for another company from 1868 to 1871)
  • April 1871, Kruse opens his own shop at 10, Queen's Road Central.
  • August 1876, Kruse dies of consumption. The company continues in operation under Charles Thodor Henry Kuhlmann.
  • 1905, the company moves into the Hotel Mansions building.
  • 1915, because of the First World War the business is sold as enemy alien property to a British firm, The Hong Kong Cigar Store.

There are further notes and a couple of photos in the 1908 publication, "Twentieth Century impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, etc.".

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