Kuhlan Monument (2nd location) [1934-????]

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It was moved here from its first location in Wanchai in 1934 when the Wanchai Market was re-developed. It was moved again in the 1960s to the Protestant Cemetery in Happy Valley, and remains there today.

Read more information about the monument at: http://gwulo.com/node/3886

Photos that show this Place



No, Annelise - our address was 45 Morrison Hill Road but when you looked at the front of our building, Morrison Hill Road went off to the left towards Tin Lok Lane/Wanchai Road, which is where the trams went. 

To the right the road was Leighton Road, going past Craigengower Cricket Club & Wongeichong Road to Percival Street.

The red pin shows where our building was and you can see the small triangle at the junction which is where the Kuhlan monument was smiley

1950 45 Morrison Hill Road
45 Morrison Hill Road, by Nona