TWGHs Lee Sai Chow Memorial Primary School [1959-????]

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Demolition proposed to build a youth Hostel. Details here

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Hi There,

Walked by last Saturday night and found the school had already been demolished.    Street View had a snapshot dated May 2022 and it had all been boarded up then.

There used to be an old door frame made of granite at Ping On Lane.  Don't know if it had been removed and kept safe.  It was too dark to look the other day.  However from the street view the frame seemsed to be removed. Let's hope somehow they have kept it somewhere and would put it back when the new building is completed.


Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road, by tngan

According to the site

"TWGHs Lee Sai Chow Memorial Primary School had served the children in the Central and Western district for over 45 years. In order to advocate resources sharing suggested by the EDB, it moved to the current location, Wah Fu Estate in August 2005."

Google map shows in Dec 2020 it was already in very poor condition. In Nov 2021, it was under demolition.

Another picture in the 1970s:

Hollywood Rd near Ladder St
holywood rd near ladder st, by simtang