Elizabeth Joan MEREDITH (née LLOYD) [1903-1994]

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Elizabeth Joan
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David: The refernce to A.C. Meredith's spouse is odd as I dont think his spouse Elizabeth Joan Meredith (nee Lloyd) 1903-1994 was ever in Camp. I believe she had two sons Alexander (1937)  and Philip (1939) and was probably evacuated to Australia in 1940. He was staying at the premises of wine merchants Caldbeck Macgregor between surrender and internment at Stanley (no mention of wife). Reference to him in Gimson's diary (Oxord U.) implies he was on his own in Camp. She is not on Camp Log. Philip Cracknell


Thanks Philip, then it sounds unlikely that this is Mrs Meredith, wife of A C Meredith. I've deleted that connection.

The full line in R Brooks diary reads:

Cashed a £100 cheque for Mrs Meredith HK&S Bank at the highest camp rate of 35 to 1.

So maybe it's another Mrs Meredith, and the "HK&S Bank" refers to the bank that issued the cheque?

On September 10, 1945 ZBW provided some former internees with news of the whereabouts of loved ones. Mr. Meredith was told his wife and family were in the USA.

His mother Barbara, a widow, lived in Windsor, Berkshire close to my father's parents. In a postcard from Stanley dated 12 April 1944 my father wrote: 'Convey Meredith Clarence Road son fit and well'.

Passenger List London to Hong Kong departing 24th February 1939

Alexander Meredith 41 Banking

Elizabeth Meredith 35

Alexander Meredith 2 years

Philip Meredith 2 months

Passenger List departing 10 April 1945 Manila Pilippines to San Pedro California arriving 2 May 1945    [Battle of Manila 3 February – 3 March 1945]

Admitted for 60 days Final destination Sanderstead [possibly Sanderstead near Croydon Surrey UK]

Elizabeth Joan Meredith 41 years 9 months Place of last residence Hong Kong China Husband Alexander Charles Meredith Stanley Prison Hong Kong

Alexander Meredith 8 years 8 months father Alexander Charles Meredith

Philip Meredith 6 years 4 months father Alexander Charles Meredith

Passenger List Liverpool to China departing 3 August 1946

Elizabeth Joan Meredith is listed but her name is crossed through

Electoral register 1961  Sandy Hill Reigate Surrey

Alexander C Meredith

Elizabeth J Meredith

Philip Meredith

UK Death Index

Elizabeth Joan Meredith born 28 July 1903 death aged 91 registered Quarter 4 1994 Bath Avon UK

London Times Newspaper

Alexander Charles Meredith Death Date 18 January 1985 in Surrey UK Spouse Elizabeth Meredith

Born 7 August 1895 New Windsor Berkshire

WWI service Regiment or Corps:London Regiment, R Brigade, Machine Gun Corps Regimental Number 2720


There clearly wasn't any Mrs Meredith in Stanley Camp, so I think the original mention in Ron Brooks' diary was either a mistake when it was written or when it was transcribed:

Cashed a £100 cheque for Mrs Meredith HK&S Bank at the highest camp rate of 35 to 1.

I think it is more likely he was cashing a cheque for Mr Meredith, who we know worked for the HK&S Bank.

I'll keep this as the page for Mrs Meredith, but I'll remove the tag that lists her as interned at Stanley.

I cannot find her on any passenger list going to Australia. When was the evacuation of families to Australia?

Passenger List arriving Southampton 3 December 1946 from Singapore Oranje Nederland Line

A Ch Meredith 51 Banker uk address 60 Heathhurst Road Sanderstead

E J Meredith 43

She appears in the Victoria Australia Wills and Probate Records

Name: Elizabeth Joan Meredith
Death Date: 11 Nov 1994
Death Place: Avon England
Occupation: Married Woman
Grant Date: 22 Dec 1995

UK Probate Calendar 1945

Elizabeth Joan Meredith of Stanton Court Nursing Home, Stanton Bristol died 11 November 1994. Probate 6 April 1995.

Thanks. All I know is that the evacuation was via Manila. Elizabeth Joan Meredith was in Manila in 1945 and she is mentioned in the Australian Probate Records. I think it's safe to assume that she was evacuated to Australia.