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Fletcher's Godown [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Photos that show this place



The marker is currently over the Wellingon Barracks, so it needs to move a bit further west. The 1845 map shows "Messrs Fletcher & Co." just west of the bend:


In the Felice Beato photo it looks as though they've either moved a block to the east, or expanded to include the next block east from their 1845 location.

I have shifted it. Is it possible to allow viewing the map overlays when creating a new place as it can sometimes be hard to line up the spots correctly. 

Unfortunately that isn't possible yet, so instead we add the marker, check its location on the overlay after saving, and nudge if necessary.

One trick is to look at the old map, showing it as a semi-transparent layer over the Google hybrid layer, eg:


Then you can see where the marker will need to go on the Google satellite view when you're creating the place.