Basel House - 58 Tai Po Rd - Shamshuipo [1901-1989] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Basel House - 58 Tai Po Rd - Shamshuipo [1901-1989]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Basel House was the Kowloon Headquarter of Basel Mission (Tsung Tsin Church) built in 1901.
Basel House was the oldest school building in Kowloon and the oldest western building in North Kowloon in 1980s.
Canphor Trees: about 100 years old
The Camphor trees pathway may be the second oldest Camphor Tree pathway in Kowloon.
It became Tsung Tsin Primary School (found in 1897) campus in 1957.
Became Tsung Tsin English College campus (found in 1950) in 1962.
Rebuilt into New Shamshuipo Tsung Tsin Church in 1989.
Location: 58 Tai Po Road, Kowloon