Chek Keng village, New Territories [????- ]

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Chek Keng of Saikung was Post Y of the BAAG from the Autunm of 1942 to mid-1943.  Post X was the Man Loong Store at Shayuchung of Dapeng Bay.  Post Z was the Kwong Hang Store of Shamshuipo.  X-Y-Z formed an operational courier and infiltration-evacuation route of the BAAG with its AHQ at Wai Chow.  Agents travelling to Dapeng Bay boarded junks of the Red Guerrillas at Post X.  The junk would take them to Post Y at Chek Keng.  At times, Operatives would disembark at Tap Mun and use a smaller junk to reach Post Y.  At Post Y, Francis Lee Yiu-biu (75) liaised with the Red Guerrillas which had its base at Chek Keng also.  In his absence Osler Thomas was a substitute. Agents and secret messages were past to AHQ via Post X-Y-Z. Post Z was Kwong Hang Store set up jointly by the BAAG and the Red Guerrillas, and operated by Raymond Wong Chok-mui (No.99) who was the International Liaison Officer of the Red Guerrillas (the Kong Kau Japanese Resistance Independent Brigade which later in 1944 became a unit of the East River Colunm Guerrillas).  Group B Agent Chan Yeung (25) visited Post Z in Shamshuipo for transmission of messages and intelligence. Post Z was raided in 1943 and Group B largely decimated. Post Y had to cease operation because of the impediment of the Nationalist Authorities suspicious of the co-operation between the BAAG and the Red Guerrillas. But the route of Post X & Y (Chek Keng) seemed to have continued to operate for some sensitive trips.  Co-operation between BAAG AHQ and the Red Guerrillas continued discretely.