Tin Hau Temple, Fan Lau [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Tin Hau Temple, Fan Lau [????- ]

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A small square is situated in front of the temple for holding birthday celebration activities of Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea) each year. In olden times, villagers in Fan Lau would celebrate the birthday of Tin Hau in the temple on 23rd of lunar March each year. However, owing to the decreasing number of villagers, celebration activity was no longer held in the temple a several decades ago. But residents in Tai O initiated to organize celebration activities at Tin Hau Temple in Fan Lau to continue this custom around ten years ago. The celebration activities include opera performances. On the first day of these performances, the committee hosting the birthday celebration activities for Tin Hau will welcome the idol of Tin Hau, the censer and the wooden tablet in Fan Lau by sailing a large fish boat to the matshed theatre in Tai O. During the “Chiu” ritual (ceremony to appease Tin Hau), the residents in Tai O will worship the idol of Tin Hau which is originally enshrined at Tin Hau Temple in Fan Lau.


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