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Pedderstreet and Jardines

Dear Friends,

I was always wondering who occupied that space on the right corner of Pedder Street and Queens Road Central (looking down Pedder Street from Queens Road Central towards the waterfront) before the first Hong Kong Hotel was built on that corner of Pedder Street and Queens Road Central. Moreover when did the Hong Kong Hotel moved to this corner. I know that further down, on the same side on Pedder Street there was a building (right on the Waterfront) occupied by the firm Dent and Co. and later taken over by the Hong Kong-Shanghai Hotel Co. who built an extension to the existing older hotel.  

Moreover I know that Jardine moved to the central office in 1864 from east point. Who did occupied that particular building, before jardine moved in, in 1864 and when was that particular building been errected.

Thank you very much for all your kind help

Best regards, Daniel



Jardines was on the other side of Pedder Street -

Here is Hong Kong Hotel formerly Dent's


Dear Annelisec,

Thank you very much for your kind information. But I still have to ask further. WHO occupied the premise or building before the Hong Kong Hotel moved in on that location in the 1860's. Was it another merchant company who housed in that location(building)? There must have been a building before. or was there only a piece of land. I also understand, that Jardine was on the other side of Pedder Street. But who did occupied THIS building before Jardine moved in in 1864?

Perhaps you can further help me on that.

Once again thank you very much for your assistance. Take care and best regards, Daniel


The owner was the nephew (and son-in-law - he married his first cousin) of this fellow.

Memoirs of the Late Framji Cowasji Banaji

Here is his family tree..

Name order is different for Parsees and he used Rustomjee as his surname in Hong Kong.

Here is more info on ML 5.

Hi Daniel

The building on the Corner of Queens Road and Peddar Street prior to the original Hong Kong Hotel was this one. There is a photo of the building on the linked page

The lot was purchased by D&M Rustomjee & Co in the first land sale on 14th June 1841 for GBP50. I am not sure when the building was built but it was pretty quickly as it appears in many 1840's drawings of the areas (earliest  I can definitely date it is 1845) It was demolished in the mid 1860s to build the Hong Kong Hotel. 

This site was never owned by Dent & Co. They owned ML 3 & 4 to the east along Queens Road and ML 7 which as to the north of the site. 

I have not been able to find much information on the Rustomjee's They were Parsee opium dealers from Bombay and there were numerous people with the same surname so were probably all brothers or from the same family.