Jose Antonio GOULARTE D'AQUINO [1882-????]

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Jose Antonio
Goularte d'Aquino

Son of Honorato d’’Aquino and Helena Goularte d’Aquino. Married Anna Maria de Consuelo d’Aquino b. 9.3. 1891.

The D’Aquinos or De Aquinos were a prominent Macanese family dating back to the eighteenth century and who emigrated to Hong Kong in the late nineteenth century. Dr Roy Eric Xavier has kindly sent me the link to his recent article on Macanese families:

Jose joined my grandfather’s company, C.E. Warren & Co. around 1912 soon after a new tile works had been built at Bowrington. He saw the company through good times and bad times. He is variously given as Assistant, Salesman or Clerk of the company until 1941.

Jose was with C.E. Warren & Co. for nearly thirty years, longer than either Charles Warren’s twenty two years (1901-1923) or Leslie Warren’s eighteen years (1923-1941). He saw the difficult period of 1918-1921 when the Warren/Olson partnership was in the process of being dissolved. This also meant holding the fort during Charles Warren’s three months’ home leave in 1919, as well as the period following Charles Warren’s sudden death in 1923. He must also have acted as manager during Leslie Warren’s home leave in the second half of 1928. When the company was finally wound up in early 1941 he would have been 58 and not long off retirement.

Jose and his wife are given as refugees in Macao during the war. I believe they returned to live in Kowloon after the war – possibly to 18 Observatory Road, which was their address in 1941.

Jose would have had an interesting story to tell about the ups and downs of C.E. Warren & Co. His grandchildren are probably still living in Hong Kong and may remember him. I would be interested to see a photograph of him, if any exist.

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