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Richard Henry WILD [1893-1955]

Richard Henry
c.1893-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Birthplace (country): 
c.1955-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

DoB from John Black's list, which gives Mr Wild's occupation in 1941 as "Insurance".

He was Secretary of the New Zealand Internees Association in Stanley Camp.


New Zealand Birth Index 1840 - 1950 Birth Richard Henry Wild 1893

1927 R H Wild age 34  travelled from Singapore to London Address in UK Sth(sic) British Insurance Company Cornhill London

14 October 1936 Richard H Wild 43 occupation insurance nationality NZ and Ethelreda Wild age 36 nationality English departed Honolulu for New Zealand. Place of previous residence China

30 May 1941 Richard Henry Wild age 40 born Hokitika NZ and Ethelreda Wake Wild age 41 born Crossgates Yorkshire departed from New Zealand bound for Hong Kong

17 October 1941 Etheldreda Wild age 41 housewife departed Honolulu for Manila, place of previous permanent residence China. She was Ethelreda Wake Hall born born 12July 1899 Crossgates Yorkshire

Andrews Cards 30 June 1948 regarding the probate of the will of Ethelreda Wake Wild late of Victoria in the colony of Hong Kong. Carl Smith Card She was buried   age 46 on 3 July 1947 at St John's cathedral

Find A Grave site died 2 July 1947 age 47 and buried 3 July Happy Valley

Richard Henry Wild died 19 October 1955 Salisbury Rhodesia (Ancestry Tree)

England and Wales National Probate Calendar Index of Wills Richard Henry Wild of Salisbury Southern Rhodesia died  3 May 1955 Westminster Hospital London Administration to HSBC Hong Kong

Carl Smith cards Will 75/55 refers to his ex wife Grace Margaret Anne and to those in his immediate family who were to inherit after her death. CS/I016/00152683.GIF