New mapping features on Gwulo | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

New mapping features on Gwulo

The first project from the 2016 to-do list is finished, an upgrade to the main map we use. Enhancements include:

  • 10x faster than the previous version
  • Markers and all the old paper maps are now on the same page
  • You can change the transparency of the old maps so it is easier to compare them with modern maps

Here's a video showing how it works (subscribers, if you can't see the video please click to view it on the website):


David, this is brilliant. I never cease to wonder how some people (like you) have such great talent for this technology. I know I am going to spend hours exploring Hong Kong from the comfort of my armchair, and no doubt with time you will be making additions.



Thanks Bob, glad you'll find it useful. Yes, some more ideas still to come.

Regards, David

Great tutorial. I expecially like the transparent map feature. 

Thanks Annelise, that's a favourite for me too. It's something I've wanted to add for a while, but originally I'd thought that would have to wait til next year. However after making the decision to switch to the Leaflet mapping library, adding the transparency wasn't so difficult and could be slipped in with this work.

Every Place now uses the new map as well, which makes it easy to check how a Place was shown on the old scanned maps.

eg if you look at the Place for the Court of Final Appeal,, you can use the layer control to quickly look through the scanned maps of Hong Kong, and see how this building was shown.

Regards, David