Bracken Hill [c.1953- ]

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Bracken Hill was built on the former site of Crow's Nest. It is situated at 12, Barker Road. The number was changed in 1996, before that date is was No.14. See Peak Map from 1960.

The year of construction is unknown, with a certain possibility at the same time as Richmond House (2nd generation), which is about 1953. (see comments below)


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Apparently, this house was re-numbered after its most recent sale in 1996.  The number changed from No. 14 to its current No. 12.  At that time a swimming pool and parking area were added. 

In the 1960s, Bracken Hill, 14 Barker Road was the house for the General Manager of Union Insurance Society of Canton.  Richmond House at No. 31 was the Assistant General Manager house.  Since Richmond House sold in 1997 and Bracken Hill in 1996, it is possible that Union was also the seller of this house.


The present house is certainly bigger than Bracken Hill used to be in earlier pictures, but it looks to be the same house. Today, the main (square-ish, rectangular) part of the house looks to be identically proportioned as it was in 1980s and the only difference is that two chimneys near the two sides of the roof have been removed.  The horizontal centre chimney is still there.

It seems like the rear of house has been extended and what was a small balcony in the picture above looks to have been stretched further out in to the yard.  Still, there is unused floor area because the house is 10,000 sq. ft. and the lot is 30,000 sq. ft.