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Deric Daniel WATERS (aka Dan) [1920-2016]

Deric Daniel
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c.1920-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

I'm very sorry to hear that Dr. Dan Waters passed away early on Wednesday morning.

In 2011 I saw him in the distance, heading to an RAS talk we were both attending. Though I didn't know him well, I thought I'd say hello when I caught up with him, as I certainly knew of him from all the interesting pieces he'd written about Hong Kong's history over the years. Except he was striding ahead at such a pace that I never did catch up with him - and he was already 91 years old at the time !

Physical fitness was just one of his many qualities. You can get a better idea of his many achievements from this citation in 2014. If you see any obituary for Dan, please leave a link to it in the comments below.


Dan Waters and family have lived for many years in Realty Gardens. I believe they bought their flat in 1972 when it was built.


Ian, you're right about the date. Dan wrote a brief history of the Realty Gardens site, which mentions:

In the summer of 1970, there were 1,200 applications to purchase the 400 flats (the first batch) at RealtyGardens. My wife and I were successful in a later ballot and we took possession of our newly completed flat in Venice Court, for which we paid in mid 1972, the princely sum of HK$114,000 (HK$120,000 including solicitors fees). Prices were still low after the property slump brought on largely by the drawn-out 1967 riots. My flat has been a splendid investment. We let it for the first four years, unfurnished, at HK$2,000 a month. We moved in ourselves on 1 March 1976. As one neighbour living a few floors down from me not so long ago said, 'I would not choose to live anywhere else other than Realty Gardens'.

Regards, David

I just wanted to add that there are many people we respect but don't particularly like; and there are many people we like but don't particularly respect - but Dr Dan was someone we both liked and respected immensely. We shall miss his kindness and intelligence greatly.

Alison McEwan & Tim Luard

Unfortunately I'll be out of Hong Kong, but if you're able to attend here are the details:

Memorial Service - A memorial service will take place at 4 pm on Thursday 3 March 2016 at the Catholic Cathedral, Caine, Road. 

NO FLOWERS, by request but donations to the Catholic Cathedral.

Following the service a reception will be held at the Chariot Club, Melbourne Plaza, Central from 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm. Transport from the Cathedral will be available following the service.

Mr Dan Waters, 96, author of 'Faces of Hong Kong' (1995) and 'One Couple Two Cultures' (2005) and active contributor of RAS Hong Kong entered into eternal peace on 27 January 2016. 
I have always respected Mr Dan Waters for his kindness and humbleness.  He had a big heart and was a very caring gentleman. I remember he would every now and then drop by our office to check on our small publishing team and give us some encouraging words.  When he had more time, he would tell us some interesting stories of the old Hong Kong in his fluent Cantonese which he embellished it with slang. Sometimes, he would pay us a visit at the bookshop when we were still at the Arts Centre, or come to one of our book events. 
In Mr Dan Waters’ vocabulary, there was no such word as retirement. He liked to conceive writing topics to share with his fellow Hong Kong people. You could not believe at the age of 85 he still answered emails every early morning and evening. 

We will always miss him. May God bless him and take him in His care.