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Is there still a beach hut at turtle cove?

I used to live in hong kong until 1962. There used to be a beach hut at turtle cove, owned by the hong kong electricity co. social club. Is it still there, or has it all changed so much? thanks. greg

shame that no-one could tell me. anyone still know of the hongkong electric co social club, is it still in existance ? greg

I lived at the top of Redhill in the mid 70s when it was only the older development on the top (beautiful flats, I think they were originally built for HK Electric staff? maybe?) and the new TC villas at the bottom and went to TC regularly (until the rapist moved into the area for a while then it was out of bounds) I don't remember a beach hut, but it was a lovely little beach. Having seen the development around the whole Redhill peninsula, I can't think there's much left there at all though the beach may have survived.

The beach is still there, still small and lovely and quiet. Even now not many people know of its existence...and it's sitll rated as one of the cleanest beaches in HK. I live in Redhill so I just walk down there, it's a wonderful get away!

Hi Greg,

I finally made it along to see the beach. The pillbox you mentioned is still there, but I think the beach hut has long gone. Take a look at this short video to see if it is much different from how you remember it.


Thank you very much for going to turtle cove for me. When I used to go, 1955-1962, there were NO buildings in sight, either on the beach or around it. Except for our HK Electric beach hut. When I finally get my fathers 35mm slides,I can show you how a beach hut should be... It IS a real family beach.It did not have any lifeguards then, but it did have a raft.T5F2S In olden times there were NO steps down, just a path beaten by users such as our family down the near-vertical sides. Glad to see the pill box is still around. Doesnt anyone remember the beach fron older times? Thanks again, much appreciated. Greg

The Andersons (Bill and Janice) used to live there in a large villa in 1947 at that time there were virtually no villas on Red Hill. Must have  been so nice ! There were steps leading to Turtle Cove Beah. On Sunday 21st December 1941 Brigadier Wallis Commanding East Infantry Brigade launched a battalion level attack at the Tai Tam Cross Roads . A flank party seized after fierce fire fights the hills to the left (Notting Hill and Bridge Hill), the Road Party led by Lt Edwards No 1 Coy HKVDC in his carriers up Island Road now called Tai Tam Road together with motorcycles with side cars armed with Vickers M/G  with the primary objective to seize the Tai Tam crossroads. However they came under fire from a villa called Erinville in the Red Hill area. The Japanese were on Red Hill in force and although great effort effort was made and casualties incuured they could not be dislodged and the whole attack faltered with the column retreating back to Palm Villa leaving bodiies on Red Hill, Notting Hill, Bridge Hill and the road up to the X Roads. Apparently some of the post war villas around Turtle Cove were said to be haunted - I'm not surprised !

Greg have you any idea where Erinville was ? my guess is where the current road leads into Red Hill. Have you heard of it ?


Philip Cracknell