Japanese tunnels below Harlech Road AOP [????- ]

Submitted by David on Sun, 12/13/2015 - 10:57
Current condition

For more information see: http://gwulo.com/node/29966

Photos that show this Place


Finally, I reached the tunnel entrance marked on Dec. 13, 2015 by David. Here is how the trench looks like now. The left entrance is hardly observable and blocked, while the right entrance (Following the right branch of the trench in the photo) is almost the same with 5 years ago.

high_west_AOP_tunnel_right_entrance.jpg, by CHEN
high_west_AOP_tunnel_right_entrance_closer.jpg, by CHEN

Is below an entrance that is filled up? It's steps away from the above entrance.

high_west_AOP_tunnel_un_entrance_nearby.jpg, by CHEN


Another thing is that I found something like an entrance beneath HK trail (The trail is almost directly above the roof of this cave). It is large, but, sadly, blocked up. The coordinates is approximately 22.2734348, 114.1328152.

 high_west_AOP_off_HKTrail_cave_distant.jpg, by CHEN
high_west_AOP_off_HKTrail_cave.jpg, by CHEN

 BTW, is there something like tunnel exploration meetup? 

Too bad that I didn't see your post earlier. I was armed with Aerial Maps and found another collapsed entrance to the East. 

However I wasn't aware of the small cave below HK trail. Your coordinates seem a bit off though when I enter it into google earth.

Here are my Coordinates:

Entrance collapsed  22°16'25.28"N 114° 7'59.20"E

Entrance collapsed  22°16'25.15"N 114° 7'59.87"

Is your third cave accessable from the HK trail just a bit downhill from the sit out?

Happy to have a tunnel exploration meet up for another outing. 

Thank you for the findings!  Indeed, my coordinates might be where I was standing, a bit off the cave while facing it.

Yes, it is accessible just a few steps downhill from the sit-out, perhaps near the third corner, easy to locate once you are in the bushes somewhere close to my coordinates.

Excited about the coming season of exploration!