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John Caer CLARK [c.1878-1943]

John Caer
c.1878-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

He was a proprietor of Clark & Liu Architects. He died aged sixty-five. His wife Marion Clark was not on the Camp list and I believe she was moved to the French Hospital.


Additional information from my notes:

John Caer Clark [viii] 奇勒 (1877-1942, Authorized Architect 1912-41) came to HK
and worked for PWD. He set up his own practice starting on 1913 [ix] until 1923. Clark designed No.1 Chatham Path.[x] Then he had partnership with Iu Tak Chung
姚得中(B.Sc,Authorized Architect 1923-33) to form Clark & Iu from 1924 to 1934.
Iu was the director of TWGH’s in 1931.

Clark partnered with Iu Tak Lam [xi] 姚德霖(BSc(Eng)(HK),Authorized Architect
1934->41) from 1935 to 36. The name of the firm remained Clark & Iu.

The projects completed by them were :

  • reconstruction of Royal Building 1929 [xii];
  • Yee Sang Fat Building 1930 [xiii] at Queen’s Road ;
  • Building for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 1931 [xiv] at Po Yan Street;
  • Po Leung Kuk Building 1932 [xv];
  • Gold & Silver Exchange 1935 [xvi];
  • European Flats 1935 [xvii] on Nathan Road

Clark had his own practice again from 1937 to 1941. The projects completed within this period were:

  • Chinese Houses, IL752, Sec A & RP, St. Francis Yard, Wanchai 1938
  • European Houses, 225-227, Wanchai Road 1939
  • Munsang College 1939 [xviii]
  • Baptist Church , KIL4235, Stirling Road 1940 [xix];
  • Flats on Kong’s Road 1940 [xx]
  • Dyeing Factory, KIL1409 Sec A, Chatham Road 1941


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