Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruit Factory, Cheung Chau [1908-c.1975]

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Position of marker is approximate, based on this 1930s photo:


fordwong writes:

The terraces are part of a preserved fruit factory which dated back to 1908. In those days, the workers use the sun light to dry the fruit and made over 30 varities of products.

The factory moved to China in the 1970's when the labour source dried out.

The name is Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruit Factory. She is over 100 years old.

Photos that show this Place



York Lo writes that the Wong Wing Kee Preserved Fruit Factory company's website and their interview with Apple Daily say the company bought this land in 1927 (see https://industrialhistoryhk.org/makers-of-preserved-fruits-wong-wing-kee-lee-wah-mui-hing-ah-lee-sin-kee-yam-hop-hing-and-koon-wah/).

I'm not sure if that means this factory first opened in 1927, or if Wong Wing Kee bought an existing factory that had been started in 1908 as noted above.