Kowloon City Police Station Argyle Street [1950- ]

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Notes from Stephen Roberts:

I lived in the Kowloon City Police Flats in 1951-1954 and again in 1954 to Sep 1956. The 4 story building is the accommodation block for the living in local police stationed there. There was a courtyard behind with a gate onto Argyle St at the end of the office block. The flats were immediately behind from the direction of the photo and are out of sight because they were set back with lawns in front. There were twelve in two sets of 6 with a row of garages at one end.

The flats have been pulled down and new flats put in their place, but the police station survives. Along the pavement from the 4 story block,still stands the office block which only went up to a first floor with cells below.