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Hong Kong before Reclaimation

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I'm trying to find a detailed map of Hong Kong before land reclaimation began. I've been to the government maps office and they couldn't really help!

Does anyone happen to know which roads run along the old coastline please? I've always been interested to find out just how much reclaimation there has been.

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Goggling using reclamation +map +hongkong yielded quite a list and here is one of those:


It's not much and the representation is sort of approximate, but it should give you some ideas.  I remember there are such maps about different stages of the reclamation over the decades in the Lands office, however.  You might also like to try the Central Library for older maps.

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Try and find the book titled Challenges for an Evolving City-160 years of Port and Land development in Hong Kong by Ho Pui-yin.

ISBN962 07 6336 X  published 2004 by The Commercial Press-Hong Kong.

Translated into English and tells you everything you want to need on reclamation projects over the years including maps and aerial images of various sizes

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A few of the articles here on Batgung talk about reclamation in Admiralty, Wanchai, and Hospital Hill. Two of them have maps included.

You can also check the map resources listed here - I recommend the Mapping Hong Kong book again. It includes several maps of the island and shoreline from 1841 onwards.