Military Building on rocks near Shek O Golf Club. [????- ]

Submitted by gw on Tue, 08/18/2015 - 16:50
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I stumbled upon this interesting little building whilst scrambling along the coastline beneath the Club House of Shek O Golf Course yesterday.

Bunker on rocks near Shek O Golf Course
Bunker on rocks near Shek O Golf Course, by gw
Front view.
Front view., by gw

I presume it was built by the British military as it has a number of features in common with other examples of their work in Hong Kong. It sits in a sunken position within the rocks which makes it difficult to see from a distance.

The structure is well concealed.
The structure is well concealed., by gw

Rocks cemented to the front edge of the roof, and a pebble dashed front wall, further camoflage it by disrupting its straight lines and blank surfaces when viewed from the sea.

camoflage., by gw

Its single, horizontal, slit window gives a commanding view of the eastern approaches to Hong kong harbour.

slit window.
slit window., by gw
the view with tip of Shek O Headland in distance on right.
the view with tip of Shek O Headland in distance on right., by gw

Access was originally from the rear through a gap in the rocks, down a short flight of steps, and the only door.

approach to rear of building.
approach to rear of building., by gw

The steps have since been destroyed and their remains dumped behind the building.

Rear of the building
Rear of the building, by gw

Inside, large chunks have fallen from the roof and walls revealing iron bars within and confirming construction was of reinforced concrete.

Inside., by gw
Inside., by gw

Although I'm fairly confident that this is a British military structure, I can't find it mentioned elsewhere on Gwulo, in the main reference books ("Not the Slightest Chance", "Ruins of War", "Guns & Gunners of HK") nor marked on any map in my possession. I guess it's an observation post due to its distinctive slit window with view over the strategically important harbour approaches, but what kind? It's not of the same "standard design" as the observation posts for "mobile" artillery scattered around Hong Kong Island. As far as I'm aware, observation posts for "fixed" artillery were situated in or near their own batteries, but I don't know of any battery that was located near here.

Grateful to anyone who can tell us more about this building., 

I found out what this structure is!!!!


This structure is an observation post for the less- well known casemate at Shek O Country Club. 

Hi Lewis,

Sounds interesting. Can you share any details with us of the casemate at Shek O Country Club?

I read an article about this pillbox on the internet. It turns out that this pillbox was manned by "D" Company of the 1st Middlesex Battalion and  it was an observation post for a small-caliber artillery position right in the middle of the Shek O Country Club. 

From the Interim Defence Plan, this was the planned position for a 2 Pdr gun, but which in the attack was used in another position.

I don't know of an artillery position at the Golf Club, but the 1935 Defence Plan gives a grid reference for an Anti Aircraft Battery which puts it in the position on the Golf Club. This may, or may not, have been some form of structure, but it is not listed in the later plan, and was not in use during the attack.

Hi H Lo,

I got to the building by scrambling around the coastal rocks starting at PB 35 and returning the same way. I don't know if it's accessable to the public from any other direction. I can't remember the state of the tide, but low tide will certainly provide the most options - and don't forget that those east coast waves can be big. As far as I can remember, the route was mainly easy with a few more "interesting" sections. Good luck and take care.

What's a "geo"?