Missionary School+ Christian church in Cheung Chau in 1930's

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I am looking for any  inforamtion related to  " a primary school ,located adjacent to a Christian Church in Cheung Chau in the 1930's." I believe this was the only school on the island during  its time It is located not far from a market. Any related inforamtion will be appreciated .



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Thanks for the reply and the lead.

I am doing a trace for  my mother's family  tree. My mum is elderely and could not give me much lead to go by. She could recall in her childhood days ( i assumed that it will be in the mid 1930's). She spent 2-3 years accompany my grandmother, who was teacher in a" very small priamry school  "in Cheung Chau attached to a Christain church. "The school ( may not be a formal establisment )or a teaching class" was very small with a composite classfrom year 1 to year 6. It was her wish to re visit the site one day. So if any one can shine some light to this place 's and Iif it still exists. This  will  very much fulfil the wishes of an elderly lady.





Hello Ben,

I actually went to this school house one day around 1960 during a summer bible camp event. But much is so thin in my memory.

HCPS located near the townfolk landing ( so-called a townfolk bridge ) just north of the Old Ferry Pier. It was likely on the Sun Hing Street, or maybe  at the start of Pak Sher Street, only a minute's walk from the Baptist Mission Church. The school looked no difference from the average house along the street with exception of having couples of big Chinese Character of the school name plate. It has no school yard at all, a tiny balcony or platform on the roof-top of the rear portion provides a beautiful view of the Main harbor.

All houses along the CC harbor shoreline were built with concrete foundation and,for some, tall wooden support beams over the sandy soil  strong enough to withstand the punishing force of high water during the typhoon season. And HCPS is the only school this close to the harbor water. Today the location is next to the Cafe or Restaurant ( Queen's or King's......).

I think during the 1950s, my sister attended this school and nearly all graduates would advance to the CC Government School, which was not yet designated as a Middle School. 

Han Chuen Primary School was one of the 5 or 6 schools apart from CCGS. Indeed HC is the smallest. The others were Sacred Heart, Po On, Dong Guoon, Chiu Chau, Fisherman, CC Girl,....etc

HC was operated as a private school with teachers of Christian faith and their students often attended the christian fellowships on CC. In the 1950s Mrs. Cheng was a teacher there. She had two boys. This school had to close down eventually due to lack of sufficiency.

By the way the words Han Chuen means Chinese River.


To view the HCPS photo on the Cheung Chau Rural Committee web page, one of the leads I know is:


Check the photos from the moving series of some dozens. Photo of Han Chuen Prinary School is at the 44/125 position.

A very narrow ( but quite long ) street house with 5 big Chinese Characters of the school name: Han Chuen Sui Hou How --- is the clue to select the target photo!

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