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ARP Tunnels Macau

Guia Hill ARP, Macau
Guia Fort
 I recently went to Macau to show a visitor around and found some very interesting Tunnels/ARP on top of Guia Fort and Lighthouse.

As you first go up the main road toward the top they have a small passageway opened up to have a look around, showing a few photos and bits of info. If you head eastward towards the giant satellite and red/white aerial if you keep an eye out, up to the left on top of a small mound before the path heads downwards you can see a bunker. You can get up to this bunker and there are a couple entrances you can get into. Once inside, there are passageways all over the place leading downwards and around the hill. They are in pretty good condition apart from the usual graffiti. There must be a least a couple of hundred meters worth of tunnels. The tunnels lead to all of the gun emplacements you can see going down the path on the eastern side of Guia hill.

Inside the tunnels are original motors/cabling/cradles that were used to life the ammunition up to the guns. At the very bottom is what I am guessing was the ammunition storage. Unfortunately some local kids were setting fire to paper inside when I went so I couldn’t see inside too well. Most of the entrances to these tunnels have been blocked up but there are a few that have been pried open.

I would suggest having a look the next time you are in that area….. And don’t forget your torch.

I only took a couple of photos from the outside, wished I took more but was too excited. Must remember next time to take a load of photos.


Craig, thanks for all the photos & info - lots to explore!