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School run from Kowloon to Victoria 1909-1913?

What would have been the method of transport and timing from Fairview, Nathan Road, Kowloon to St Joseph’s College and back from 1909-1913? I know that my uncle, Leslie Warren, attended St Joseph’s during this time and I also know that my grandparents were living at 4 Fairview, Nathan Road, where my father was born. It doesn’t seem a very practical journey, but perhaps I'm wrong. I suppose Charles Warren would have been making the same journey  to work every morning, but I gather that it was quite normal for children to be transported separately from adults. I still haven't found out which of the Catholic schools Evelyn Warren attended at roughly the same period.



Jean Gittins was heading in the opposite direction from The Peak to the Diocesan Girls School in Kowloon at about that time, and said she travelled "by rickshaw, Peak tram, ferry and rickshaw again for the last mile along tree-lined Nathan Road on Kowloon side".

So maybe rickshaw, star ferry, then walk or sedan chair?

Regards, David

Thanks David. I imagine there would have been a regular arrangement set up with rickshaw coolies at both ends of the ferry journey. I wonder what the duration of the whole journey was and whether there are any photos of children going to school by rickshaw at that period.