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What do you want from Santa?

Behind the scenes we're getting ready to upgrade to a newer version of the Drupal software that we use for this website.

It's also a chance for us to make a few changes and have a spring clean. So, if there are any features that are missing but you'd like to see, or things about the website that you find annoying and would like fixed, please let us know. If it's something that others will find useful, and is straightforward to do, we'll make the change as part of the upgrade.



It would be nice to be able to edit all posts I have done. It looks as though as soon as someone hits the reply button in a comment box, it removes the editing ability for that comment. I was hoping to go back to some of the 'golden boy' stuff and put in proper links but can't seem to be able to for this reason. Phil

Phil, thanks for the reply. That's a surprise - I often (usually!) edit comments to correct my typos, but then I'm logged in as admin. So, I've never noticed this.

Checking on the Drupal site, and it seems to be a religious issue. The view is that a forum is a public record. If I post a comment, then you reply, I shouldn't be able to go back and change my comment so as to make your comment look unreasonable or worse. It hasn't been an issue here, but I can see the point for busy public forums.

Anyhow, in the Golden Boy case, you're the main author, and I see that users can edit the top message even after someone has replied. So for Chapter 6 I've moved your text from the comment up to the top message, and made you the owner. Please can you see if you can edit it ok? If yes, I'll do the same for the other chapters.

Anyone else have any problems to report, or wish list?


Thanks MrB, I'm a terrible speller, so I use it quite a lot. I hadn't really thoguth about the consequences of letting users run rampant - I'm just too innocent and naive :-) Actually, when I go to that book page I don't seem to have any facility to edit the top text. I can see the text, but can't do anything to it. Should there be an edit tab?

Should there be an edit tab?

There certainly should! See if I've got it right this time - please could you try editing again?

yes, now have the tab and have done some test editing. Looks to be OK. Excellent, thanks MrB

Good, thanks. I've set up the other chapters in the same way, so you can edit them too. Thanks for taking the lead on this - it is turning into a comprehensive companion to the book.

There will be some more small changes over the next few weeks, but we're mostly done. If you find anything isn't working, please leave a comment below so we can fix it.

If you are a regular visitor, but you're not logged in, one obvious change is the big Google Advert on the top left of the page. If you find it gets in the way of checking for new posts, there are a couple of ways around it:

  • Register and log in. The big advert block onthe top left disappears after you log in.
  • Bookmark the 'All recent posts"  page instead of the home page. The advert doesn't appear on that page.

#1 Google map markers

  • Problem: The Google Map markers seems to be mis-aligned. For this Bowrington Canal location marker, if you zoom it way out, you would find yourself somewhere in Eastern Atlantic Ocean, close to West Africa.
  • Fixed. (the new version of the software was incorrectly displaying a map on images that didn't have any location set. They'd display a map for lat=0/lon=0, ie on the equator off W. Africa!)
#2 Mount Davis link doesn't seem to be working.
  • Should be fixed now.

Thanks for letting us know about these,


Hi there,

Just found out the ...More Places link under Places in the 'What's New' section is not working.  It would display the default 'Page Not Found' note instead.

Best Regards,


Hi there,

Just found this one a moment ago.

Best Regards,


I've fixed the 'More places' page, and added the other one to the 'to-do' list. Thanks again for your help!

Hi there,

        I would justt like to inform you that I think there is a fault.


When I go to Local history and try to go to the 2nd page it comes up with :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_build_view() in /nfs/c03/h02/mnt/51424/domains/batgung.com/html/drupaldir/includes/common.inc(1641) : eval()'d code on line6


 I can get every other page, just not the second one?

 Keep up the sterling work fellas, Craig

Fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up.

Phil wrote:

??seem to be getting duplicate posts when I go in and edit/save a previously posted comment?

Phil, in the logs I can see the comment was added twice: at 23:22 and 23:24. Is there any chance you hit the browser's 'back' button to make your edit? I just tried that here and it would cause a second comment to be added. The safe option is to always click the edit link instead.

If not, please let us know if it happens again so we can check into it.

regards, MrB

I thought I had hit edit, but my memory isn't quite what it used to be (age and all that).


Anyway, tried to recreate with this comment but can't so I suspect I was just having a funny turn :-)

T, the Victoria City article is fixed now.

That's working again at long last. So if you click on an image, underneath it you'll see links to take you to the next or previous image in the gallery.

It makes browsing through photos easier.

T, just to let you know we now hide the menus in the right column if you're looking at the 'original size' copy of an image, so the image isn't covered up at all.

The problem was something you mentioned shortly after this upgrade - sorry it's taken so long to find the fix.


Hi. Sorry if someone's already asked this but I think the site would be more user friendly if you could scroll through the full-size photos (in a slide show format). It's a little tiresome having to go back to the thumbnails gallery of each collection when you want to look at the next photo.

Great site though!

Hi, if you look to the right of the photo, you can see a block titled 'Navigate'. You can use the 'Previous image' and 'Next image' links there to scroll through the photos without having to go back to the gallery each time.

Does that solve the problem?

Regards, David

Thanks David. I guess I was just being stupid. Didn't see the navigate block. It wasn't where I expected it to be!

No problems - it's not as clear as it could be. I've changed the title to hopefully make it a bit more obvious. Somewhere down the long 'to-do' list, I'll change it to be show thumbnails (like flickr), to make it more obvious.

If you run into anything else that seems more difficult than it needs to be, please let me know.

Regards, David