Former RAF Headquarters building, Kai Tak [1934- ]

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Extracts from the AAB's Historic Building Appraisal:


The three buildings of the Ex-Royal Air Force Station that now remain were built in 1934. No.50 was the former RAF Headquarters. It became the Kai Tak Vietnamese Refugee Camp (啟德越南難民營) between 1979 and 1981 and continued to be used for detaining Vietnamese refugees under different names until 1997. It then became the Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre (明 愛向晴軒) since March 2002.


Architectural Merit

The former RAF Headquarters block is a two-storey Colonial Neo-Classical style building with elegant colonnaded verandahs all round it.
The columns are square with simple bases and capitals. The balustrade panels are cross-braced ornamental ironwork panels in Regency style. The roof is flat with a simple projecting cornice at parapet level. The building is a long rectangular block strictly symmetrical in design. Internally, there are no architectural features of note. Doors and windows have been modernised.


Rarity, Built Heritage Value & Authenticity
The three main buildings are rare examples of 1930s Neo-Classical style buildings with historical as well as built heritage value. Modernisation has affected their authenticity to some extent, but they still retain their original architectural appearance.



The Ex-Royal Air Force Station buildings were accorded Grade I status in 1998 by the Antiquities Advisory Board.

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