The Dragon Inn (容龍別墅), 19.5 milestone, Castle Peak Road [1939-1989]

Submitted by tngan on Wed, 11/05/2008 - 13:02
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The tag is just an approximate location.  I have not been to that location for nearly forty years so it practically a blank to me.


Photos that show this Place


T, thanks for finding the location.

Here's a photo we've been sent, showing the Dragon Inn in the 1950s:

1950s Dragon Inn, 19-mile, Castle Peak Rd

From the Dragon Inn's website, it looks as though the same building is still there today.

The 1939 Dragon Inn Villa buildings were demolished in 1989, and the current Dragon Inn Restaurant and bar was built on the same site.

The restaurant is still owned and managed by Luk Hoi Tong Co. Ltd. (registered 1926), which also owns the Luk Kwok Hotel in Wanchai, the Nathan Hotel in Jordan, and owned the former Queen's Theatre in both its incarnations (and now owns the "LHT" retail/office building on that site, 31 Queen's Road Central).