Swindon Bookshop on Nathan Road [????-1962]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Here's a view of Swindon Bookshop (bottom left) on Nathan Road, as it looked in Booth's time. Today it's back on Lock Road.

1950s Nathan Road

Photos that show this Place


Hello, the marker on the map gives the location of Swindon book store on the western side of Nathan Road. According to my images from 1980 it should be on the eastern side. Did the store move, or should we move the marker? Regards Klaus

A bit of history from newspapers.

On 1962-2-1, swindon moved from 25 Nathan road (star hotel) to 64 Nathan road (Mirador).

1962-2-1 swindon move from 25 to 64 nathan rd (mirador) b.png
1962-2-1 swindon move from 25 to 64 nathan rd (mirador) b.png, by simtang


The lock road branch opened on 1964-7-18

1964-7-18 swindon opens at lock rd.png
1964-7-18 swindon opens at lock rd.png, by simtang


It closed down lock rd branch on 2020-07-31




I've nudged the marker north to the correct location on the site of today's Prestige Tower, and added the closure date from simtang.