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#133 Boundary Street, Kowloon [????- ]

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The tag shown in the map is just an approximate location.  From a copy of the HK City Guide 2008 published by Wan Li Book Co. Ltd, #139 Boundary Street is marked at the location of Block 4 of Kent Court.  It would take a walk by to verify the exact location of #133.



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Confirmed the current site of Kent Court bears the street numbers of #131-139 Boundary Street.  SHK Properties obtained the lot in the 1970's after their IPO in 1972.  So I believe the current Kent Court was developed in Mid-1970's or early 1980's.

The previous outlook of the lot might be more or less the same as those western style city houses (with front and back yards) still around in the Kowloon Tong/Kowloon City districts.


Photo courtesy of the Booth family:

View from 133 Boundary Street

T, I've moved the red marker a little further East on the map, based on this photo. I think that is the junction with Earl Street we can see in the bottom left corner of the photo.

I believe the author stated they lived on the north side of Boundary Street, the same side as La Salle College mentioned in the book.  So looking at the picture, I am trying to place the building with the tower and the dome next to it.  Would that be part of the St. Teresa's Church? BTW, thanks to all and Mrs. Booth for supplying these old pictures.  They are amazing.

Yes, the dome is St Teresa's Church. You can see its brown roof clearly if you zoom in on the satellite view above.

I'm not sure which building the thin pointy spire belongs to though.

The pointy spire is also part of the St Teresa's Church building. 

BTW, Jason Wordie wrote an interesting article on St Teresa's Church's history in the "Out and about" section in this week's (13 June 2010) Sunday Morning Post Magazine (page 10).