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Ernest E
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Henry Ching writes:

Ernest E. Grose and Frank Grose were sons of John Francis Grose and his wife Molly Fung.   The father, J.F.Grose, was also known as Ko Po Sham. He was one of the founding members of the Eurasian Welfare League, and was its President in 1960.  Considerable help was given from the League’s Grose Memorial Fund  to the China Coast Community’s home in Kowloon Tong.
Frank Grose entered the Diocesan Boys’ School in 1919, aged about 13.  He married Stella Lee, and they are both buried in the Pokfulam Chinese Christian Cemetery.
I believe J.F.Grose went to the Central School (Queen’s College) in its early years, and his son Ernest may also have done so later, but I think his son Frank most likely remained at DBS.
I have been unable to ascertain when J.F.Grose’s father arrived in HK and his occupation.  I thought he might have worked for the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, but I have not succeeded in finding his name in the staff lists. As far as I can discover, no Grose appears in the HK Jury List either.  

David, The name J F Grose came up in a family history I am researching. Please see in my article "Agnes and Harry Keith" <; the paragraphs beginning "Harry returned to North America in 1934 with his daughter and her amah (nursemaid)" and especially the ship's manifest reproduced from I am seeking information about Mr Grose's membership in the [Eurasian] Welfare League, his interest in botany and/or forestry, his residence at 55 Conduit Road, the family members you mentioned, and the name Ko Po Sham. Very much appreciated the wartime diary published on this site and the photos of 55 Conduit Road! 

PS: J F Grose does appear on Jurors' Lists that are available through this site (1941) and the useful Hong Kong Government Reports Online, which has its own search engine.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link to your article - what a remarkable couple the Keiths were.

You could try searching the newspapers to see if any of the terms you're looking for are mentioned:

Please let us know if you find anything interesting.

Also Henry Ching wrote to thank you for clarifying that Mr Grose is mentioned in the Jurors Lists.

Regards, David

Herbert John Grose, born in Hong Kong November 6 1911, passed through the hands of the British Army Aid Group in July 1943 after fleeing Hong Kong. He was an architect with the Public Works Department before the war. The BAAG noted he was to be sent to India where work awaited him, although there is some doubt as to whether or not the money was made available for this to actually happen.

Presumably related to J. F. Grose?