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Ian Mor [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

johnedmund writes:

I have a copy of a list of residences from the official 'Index to Streets, Numbers of Houses &c' from 1903.This lists Ian Mor East at no 14 Peak Road (I.L.1485) and Ian Mor West  as no16. Ladies recreation Club is no 10 (I.L.898).

I've made a guess at the location, based on the 1924 map which shows an L-shaped IL 1485. The location may not be 100% accurate, as the 1909 map shows a building numbered 14 / 14 slightly west & uphill from the lot on the 1924 map. There isn't any 16 shown on the 1909 map, which makes me think that 14 / 14 were a mis-print for 14 / 16.

Photos that show this place


Thanks, David. Seems right to me, and you have confirmed we visited the right location in 2012. You could be right also about the misprint.

I'll post the street index as you suggested.

Best wishes, John



Thanks for posting the street index:

14   ,, 1485.    “ Ian Mor East."
16 ,,    and    I.L 1147 s. A.    “Ian Mor West. ”
18  ,,    1147 R.P. “Luginsland East. ”
20    ,,    ,,    „        “ „     West.”

So Ian Mor was built over Inland Lot (IL) 1485 and section A of IL 1147. Looking at the map below (c.1903), you can imagine them buying the southern section of IL 1147 to fill in the gap in IL 1485 and give them a roughly rectangular piece of land to build on.

Map of Peak Road

Luginsland was built on the Remaining Portion of IL 1147.

The next building on this site was called Aber Mor, which may well have been a nod back to the older "Ian Mor" name.

Regards, David

In the Government Gazette of 18 September 1908, there is a reference to damage after the rainstorms on 18-25 July (not the Typhoon on 27-28 July),

Abertholwyn, Peak Road and May Road
“Large portions of the retaining walls in front and in the rear of this house fell. Some of these blocked May Road for a length of about 50 feet and demolished about 40 feet of the Government boundary wall between May Road and “Clovelly”.”

That seems to be the building previously identified as Ian Mor. Seeing that the Jury List for 1907 shows 2 staff of the same company living on Peak Road. I conclude that Abertholwyn and Ian Mor are the 2 halves of a single building, and it explains why the next building on the site is called Abermor.
Humphreys     Henry     Merchant     J. D. Humphreys & Son     Abertholwyn     Peak Road
Jupp     John Ambrose     General Manager & Agent, Accountant     J. D. Humphreys & Son     Ian Mor     Peak Road