Rabbits on The Peak

Submitted by Richard Muirhead on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 04:54

I have been told about feral rabbits,and peacocks,on The Peak around the 1960s,at Little Peak School and Matilda Hospital.

Does anyone know more?


According to one of my cousins who was a child in Hong Kong in the 1920s and 1930s, white rabbits were sent out from England as pets for British children. There is a photo of him holding one on his lap. It wouldn't be surprising if some of these escaped from families who lived on the Peak, although it's perhaps surprising that they survived the war.




While we were living at 30 Severn Road in the 60s, a Barking Deer visited our vegetable garden from time-to-time.  We could often hear its bark in the woods below.

Sorry, Richard. It's not my own photograph. The rabbit is an ordinary pet white rabbit. I haven't lived in Hong Kong myself and can't comment on the indigenous fauna. Interesting though to speculate how many imported creatures like the sulphur crested cockatoos might have successfully reverted to the wild there. 


I will try to find the (not very distinct) photo of the pet white rabbit mentioned above and see whether it can be uploaded in honour of the New Year. As I recall, there was one particular supplier in England, from whom British families in Hong Kong could order pet rabbits for their children.

children pet rabbit
children pet rabbit, by jill