children pet rabbit

Sun, 01/22/2023 - 21:50

Not too late to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, I hope. Unfortunately the white rabbit is not very distinct against the boy's white shirt, but hind paws, nose and faint eyes are just perceptible. I suspect the rabbit was a present for my cousin's fifth birthday in June 1930, just before the August typhoon that brought the wall down between 19 and 20 Broadwood Road. I have cropped out the legend written on the front of the photo that reads "AFTER TYPHOON OUR RABBIT "PETER PAUL". As I've mentioned in an earlier thread, the pet rabbits came from a particular supplier in England. The little girl is proudly holding a book, which seems to be a publication of St. John's for children. I can't quite read the second word of the title but perhaps it is "St. John's Reader".

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