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Pillbox 020, South Bay Beach [1939- ]

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The wartime map shows it at the southern end of South Bay. I took a look, but couldn't see any sign of it.

At the northern end of the beach was this concrete block that looked about the right size:


But if you look around a bit more you'll see there are lots of similar blocks:


South Bay has small concrete beach huts available for rent. There were a lot more, but for many all that remains is the concrete floor slab. So I don't think the first photos are likely to have been a pillbox.

Has anyone seen any signs of a pillbox here, either recently or in the past?



I discovered a pillbox yesterday on the north side of the beach.  Finally I have found something not already on this site.  It is hidden away 100 feet up the hillside behind the last rental structure.  It has steel plate covers that appear different than the typical doors you find elsewhere.  I need to go back to take a closer look.

That's good news. Please can you take some photos to show us when you go back again?

Regards, David

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Intact
Date of last visit: Apr-1995
Ref: ROB-00620

Some poor photos of the PB.  Same gun port design as the PB along the promanade across from Middle Island beach.

Pill Box 020 Repulse Bay
Pill Box 020 Repulse Bay

Aha! The building is a Lyon Light shelter, which explains the big opening and metal shutters - a searchlight would shine out from here. The page for LL 020 is at:


And more about Lyon Lights at:


Thanks very much for the photos, as I haven't seen this one before.

Best regards, David