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Cedric Lawrence SALTER [????-????]

Cedric Lawrence

3556, Sigmn, Cedric Lawrence Salter.

Recommended for a decoration in recognition of his exemplary conduct in the face of danger, both on the Mainland and on the Island.  He volunteered for dangerous tasks without hesitation and his superiors, both Volunteer and Regular, thought very highly of his courage and daring.  Reference should be made to 2/Lt M.G. Carruthers, Sgt. Walker of Armoured Cars, Lt.Col. S.E. White of Royal Scots.  As a Thompson sub-machine gunner, he carried out a number of hazardous tasks at Wong Nei Chong Gap and Tytam Gap.  He was with Capt. Fieldon R.A. when that officer was killed.  At this time they were carrying out a recce in the enemy lines, Salter and two officers, having volunteered for the task.  I ultimately gave him the task of assisting with the maintenance of ‘ROSE’, Fortress Observation Post, at the Peak, which I was maintaining under shellfire.  He was always one of the first to volunteer for any task which appeared to be more hazardous. (signed)  A. N. Braude, Captain.  O.C. Corps Signals, H.K.V.D.C.