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Neville John BOOKER [????-????]

Neville John

3159, Sgt. Neville John Booker.

Recommended for a mention in despatches, in recognition of his devotion to duty and his lack of fear in the face of danger which set an example to the rest of the men.  He volunteered and carried out the highly important task of taking supplies out to the Armoured Cars, for W/T equipment, when they were withdrawing on the Mainland, and only withdrew to the Island on my instructions.  His assistance to me in manning “ROSE” Fortress Observation Post, while being shelled, was invaluable and I was able to depend on the accuracy of his reports.

He assisted in the re-laying of all H.Q. lines, when they were being constantly shelled and when it was imperative that communication be maintained at all cost.  When the work was finished, he assisted to bring in the wounded, including one of our linesmen who was hit while re-laying these lines.  He himself was put out of action on the morning of the 25th Dec, after he had volunteered to carry down despatches to Fortress Headquarters during shelling and aerial bombardment.   

(signed)  A. N. Braude, Captain.   O.C. Corps Signals, H.K.V.D.C.