28 Feb 1945, R. E. Jones Wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

28 Feb 1945, R. E. Jones Wartime diary

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Wed, 28 Feb 1945

Cloudy, warm, brightened later.

Workers oil & sugar issued.

Hosp. roof & roll-call boards.

Felt lousy all day, hungry.

Trying to sell binocs but nothing doing it seems.

Vessels left Bay this am.

Blasting still.

34 towns & villages  captured on W. Front, 8,000 tons of bombs dropped on German industrial areas in 36 hrs. Hitler’s “speech” read by someone else, Hitler was too busy. Ha ha!  Russians take Gubin  & Arirswalde [?] & advance in other sectors. US Chinese army advancing towards Canton to meet US landing.

Lorry brought nil.