Military (?) Building on slope of Pottinger Peak [????- ]

Submitted by David on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 16:35
Current condition

This is along the Pottinger Peak Country Trail, near where the path crosses the ridge.

I guess it had a military background, because there is that camouflage pattern on the side we've seen at other military sites:

Camouflage paint?

However the building is quite flimsy - the walls are just a single thickness of bricks - so I don't know what it would have been used for.


Beyond the building are the concrete floor and remains of walls for two other small buildings. Possibly their upper section was built from wood and has long since disappeared.



Photos that show this Place


Hi David. Just scanning through some of this stuff recently.  This is quite a curious find, I hope someone can confirm what the structure actually is.

I have a speculation of the possible military origin.

- Japanese military Storage Warehouse- Since it is not confirmed by any records I have seen, and the fact that the design does not appear to be typical British Military, like most bunkers or storage facilities. Also, your mension of possible use of wood, as well as a seemingly less absoloute design seems uncharacteristic of British defence structures. But, there are few Japanese structures it could be compared with in HK. Also, unlike more british blockhouses I have seen, it is freestanding; not dug into the ground/the side of a slope. Nor does it exist with any obvious trenches.

-->However, it could well be British as well, seeing that it is inbetween a number of British Military Structures in the area.

I say military storage warehouse for a few reasons. It does appear military, as you said the camoflauge and the general location/design. However, it does not seem like a possible tendable defensive position and appears more for storage.

What do you think? Im sure it will be difficult to confirm anything still. But just throwing some options out on the table.



The combination of camouflage paint but flimsy construction is odd - so this one is still a mystery!

The camouflage paint may give a clue to the date. Does anyone know if it was used post-WW2, or is it a firm pointer to a pre-WW2 date?

Regards, David