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Hong Kong photos from the 1940s and 50s

Thanks to Siobhan Daiko for sending in these photos. She writes:

I have been sorting through my late mother's photo albums and have found some pics that might be of interest to you.

Happy Valley

Before the war my mother Veronica [1] lived with her parents, Vernon [2] and Doris Walker [3], in Broadwood Rd. They lived at no. 4, I think, and I imagine this would have been the view:

View over Happy Valley
View over Happy Valley

The Peak

Vernon and Doris Walker lived on the Peak in 1941-42 and were there when the Japanese invaded. I think the house was in Plantation Rd., but I can't be sure. Mum died a year ago, unfortunately, so I can't ask her. This was their house:

House on the Peak

I think it belonged to the Tramway Co. (my grandfather Vernon Walker was the General Manager of that company after the war), and there are townhouses built on it now. This shows the house next door:



View from the Peak
View from the Peak


Several photos show trams and works along the tramlines:

Hitching a ride on a tram
Hitching a ride on a tram


Work on the tramlines
Work on the tramline
Work on the tramlines
Work on the tramlines

Views from a boat

There are some views from a boat trip:

Fishing junks
Fishing junks
Fishing junks


View of Hongkong from the harbour
View of Hongkong from the harbour

Lai Chi Kok

Finally there are several photos looking out over Lai Chi Kok. We lived there from about 1955-1960 at no. 5 Chung Shan Terrace, ground floor. My father, Douglas Bland [4], was with Kowloon Wharf, and the flat came with his job. We moved to Braga Circuit afterwards.

View from Chung Shan Terrace
View from Chung Shan Terrace
View from Chung Shan Terrace

Many thanks to Siobhan for sharing her family's photos with us. Please leave a comment below if you can tell us any more about these photos, or click here if you'd like to upload your own photo to the website.

Regards, David

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Siobhan,great photos thanks for sharing them with Gwulo.A surprise to see you father's name Douglas Bland at the end.

Brings back memories of Kowloon Wharf...my late mother Essie Cussans worked at the Sea Terminal & Ocean Terminal.

She worked for Barry Barrados at CostPlus and as PA to Eric Wood in the Ocean Terminal.I recall many of the names,Gerry Forsgate,

John Henderson and your Dad.I used to play cricket with Johnny Hung at the KCC.I hope you have had a look at my 1960s&HK airways

photos,might bring back some great memories.

Mike Cussans