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Roland H J Brooks' War Diary - Stanley Internment Camp WWII : View pages

7.30am: Sat on street for about one hour. Marched to Jarolen Road.

Found house robbed by firemen on return.

Today moved to Nam King Hotel. Not allowed on or out or out of the Hotel.

Very dark, dirty and stinking.

Today black out restrictions imposed.  Black out restrictions lifted ?-03-1942.

Up to date two escapes made from camp

– doubtful if last attempt was successful.

Numerous guards posted around the camp..

Participated in four concerts up to date. 

Should have made debut as Antonio in a comic opera but permission for concert refused.

Concert with ‘Antonio’, about to commence, but refused by gendarmes again.

Cinema show given by Japanese in St Stevens Hotel. Cartoons, travelogue, news prop !

Eventually gave the big concert as a farewell to the Americans who hope to be repatriated soon. It was held in the open air to a large audience of about 4000.  And was a great success.  

Have been very depressed today. Je suis trés triste sans ma petite bonne femme a dorée. Mon Dieu! How much longer are we to be separated!

Repatriation ship left with the Americans. Wonder how much longer we’re to be left to rot here.

Gilbert & Sullivan Show. Excused jail for the night.

Cashed a £400 cheque for Mrs Meredith, HK&S Bank at a good rate of 33 to 1.

Cashed a £100 cheque for Mrs Meredith HK&S Bank at the highest camp rate of 35 to 1.