21 Jun 1944, Eric MacNider's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

21 Jun 1944, Eric MacNider's wartime diary

Date(s) of events described: 
Wed, 21 Jun 1944

((Where there are several possible candidates for a name in this list, I have left it un-linked))

“Vaudeville” (Garton, Brenchley, Phillips, J. Martin, D. Morley, Talbot, Pacy, Simmonds, Bicheno, M. Wilkinson, R. M????y ((unclear “Mesway” “Murray”?)), Aslett, S. MacKinlay, E. Gray, Barnes, D. Wilson, R. Mills, Sage, J. Valentine, Rawlings, M. Simpson, Farquhar, E. Curtis, C. Wilcox, M. Barton, Pilkington, Ken McLeod, G. de Vleeschouwer, Clauss, Cromlin ((sp?)), J. Critchett, M. Johansen, O. Campbell, E. Grant, S. Mo???? ((unclear “Morris”?)), 3 Van der Lelys, D. Keates, Ronnie Brooks, V. Beaumont, T. Jex, C. Sanh, Reg. Jenner & band, Betty Drown, Patty Mace, Azalea Reynolds)