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Hi There,

The village had boon in revival of sort since 2011.  Through 2013-2017, HKU was involved in revitalized paddy fields.  In recent years, someone started planting Coffee in the village.  If one fancy going there and do not want to walk your way through, if there are sufficient numbers you might charter a local tour group through any local tour agencies around.  That may cost a few hundred bucks per head though.


Hi there,

On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, there would be one ferry to Lai Chi Wo from Ma Liu Shui (ticketing at no 3 steps from 0800 hrs) at 0900 hrs sharp, and one return ferry from Lai Chi Wo at 1530 hrs sharp.  Single trip HKD45.- either way, sam day return trip HKD90.-  At least that was what I saw while going for my return ticket last week.

The ferry is being run by 聲威實業有限公司 Best Sonic Ind. Ltd.

The ferry route should help those who do not want to take a long hike to and from Lai Chi Wo.  I remember my first hike through there was from Wu Kau Tang -> Tiu Tang Long -> Kap Tong -> Lai Chi Wo -> Kuk Po -> Luk Keng -> Sha Tau Kok Road.  I started at around noon in Tai Po and reached Lai Chi Wo a bit after 1900 hrs, all dark.  When I reached Sha Tau Kok Road, it is already past 2300 hrs.

Going by ferry also have the advantage of staying in the villages nearby taking photo of scene and wild life.


Lotus pond at Lai Chi Wo
Lotus pond at Lai Chi Wo, by tngan
Pai Lau at the main path into the Lai Chi Wo Village
Pai Lau at the main path into the Lai Chi Wo Village, by tngan


Seaside at Lai Chi Wo
Seaside at Lei Chi Wo, by tngan
Red Dragonfly - a sample of rich wildlife there
Red Dragan fly, by tngan