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Hong Kong July 1946 - swimming naked

This should test the Gwulo regulars.

An extra from my book the History of HMS Queen. The event took place in mid July 1946.

Once again John Clayburn brings out the more extraordinary memories. “In Hong Kong a few of us went swimming in the indoor pool at Kowloon. This was the only bath that I ever encountered where they insisted that we swam naked. Apparently they were afraid of contamination from swimming trunks in case you had been in water by the harbour.”

Who can identify the swimming pool?

Dave W


I'll guess the YMCA. I found a 1932 mention of a swimming pool there:


Regards, David

I think you are right David.I can not recall any other indoor pools in HK.

I remember using the YMCA pool when i lived there in the 60s for swimming.

Also recall doing a scuba diving course there.


The YMCA on Salisbury Road was opened on 26 November 1925. At the time of opening, a swimming bath had not been provided. However, with the opening of the new wing on 2 February 1932, a 75 ft long swimming bath was made available for members and members .of the armed forces.

Thanks chaps. I too have long suspected that it was the YMCA pool.

I can now write to the man concerned who was a Chief Petty Officer (Radar) on HMS Queen and is still alive.

Thank you.

Dave W



We don't have any photos of the interior of the YMCA, but these photos of the exterior might help your contact remember the building:


Regards, David

i missed the old swimming pool

Was just researching the old YMCA building as I watched the moon landing there in 1969 and came across your post. I too remember the scuba diving course in the pool at the Y.  I did it there in 1968 or '69. Ashley was the instructor. He and his wife Maureen now live in New Zealand.