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13 Jan 1944, Harry Ching's wartime diary

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Thu, 13 Jan 1944

((Following text not dated:))

Wife paralysed by loud knocking at door one midnight. Refused open. Living constant fear being pulled in again.....

Lam called. Ogura ((Editor of the Hong Kong News)) ill. Lam asked him about employing me. He hedged. Seems Kuma potted him for friendship with me.

Maude Basto pinched again. Went Lusitano Club. Sister in law knew police were there but didn't tip her off. Gloria Yee ((wife of O.Kees, POW in Sham Shui Po)) said accused spying.

Mrs Smith asks us contact Zindel ((International Red Cross Rep)) re rent and water bills. Ada Williams says they must get out by 16th. Very short notice and if we not contacted would have been shorter. Red Cross was to sell their furniture, now says sell it themselves. 


Maude Basto was re-arrested on January 30th, 1944.


South China Morning Post 03 Sep 1946: 1.