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Harry Ching's wartime diary

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Mon, 1941-12-08 to Thu, 1945-08-30

This diary has kindly been supplied by Harry's son, Henry Ching.

Henry notes that his father's written notes are a mixture of:

  1. a record written on the day it happened
  2. a summary written at the end of the month it happened
  3. additional notes added by his father in later years

He is confident that the notes he has sent are in the right chronological order, but as noted above, it isn't always clear exactly which date they refer to. For any entries where we're not sure of the date, I've added "((Following text not dated:))" at the start, and I've guessed a date based on the nearest entries where we do know their date.

Thanks to Henry for his help typing up the diary, and for sharing his family history for us all to enjoy.

Regards, David


Have finally spoken to Gerald, he remembers both Henry Ching and his brother Charles