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Pok Lok Theatre [????-1886]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Herostratus writes:

The site of the new extension of the Tung Wah Hospital was previously the Pok Lok theatre, owned by Ying Kit of Nam Pak Hong. The theatre was destroyed in a fire on 02-02-1886, according to the China mail:

This afternoon a serious conflagration took place in the Pok Lok Chinese theatre in Hollywood Road, resulting in the complete destruction of the interior of the building and probably necessitating the pulling down of the greater portion if not the whole of the walls, and unfortunately, attended by loss of life.

Full article here (bottom of page 3 first column) https://mmis.hkpl.gov.hk/coverpage/-/coverpage/view?_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_actual_q=%28%20verbatim_dc.category.category%3A%28%22Newspaper%5C%20and%5C%20Serial%22%29%29&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_sort_field=dc.publicationdate_bsort&p_r_p_-1078056564_c=QF757YsWv59AEIh5cL32y324bAI%2B7NiN&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_sort_order=asc&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_o=28&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_filter=dc.publicationdate_dt%3A%5B*+TO+1900-01-01T00%3A00%3A00Z%5D&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_filter=verbatim_dc.collection%3A%22Old+HK+Newspapers%22&_coverpage_WAR_mmisportalportlet_hsf=china+mail+1886

The fire was caused by a woman knocking over a Kerosene lamp that she was cleaning. Two children, a girl Kung Chi Hai aged 5, and another girl, Wo Kung Knk aged 9 died in the fire at the theatre, which was closed in preparation for a grand play on Chinese New Year's day. The inquest into their deaths is reported in the China Mail dated 03-03-1886 (page 3, column 3)